Throughout the country, urbanization is destroying the natural habitats of animals, forcing them to relocate and search for new homes. This can create a bothersome and potentially dangerous situation if these animals decide to make a home on your property. Biotech Pest Management provides humane wildlife removal services. Our team is trained and has experience with safely removing wildlife from homes and businesses in the Charleston area by live trapping and relocating the animals.

  • Snakes

    Many snake species make South Carolina their home. Snakes enter residences in search of food or shelter and  typically don’t cause any physical damage to […]
  • Raccoon/Opossum

    Raccoons and opossums are scavenging animals and can cause problems as simple as knocking over your garbage can for food, to larger problems like destroying property […]
  • Fox

    Fox are scavengers and will sometimes enter residential areas looking for food. They are secretive and shy, so they are generally known for just being nuisances […]
  • Feral Cats

    Feral cats are quickly becoming overpopulated because pet owners do not get their pets spayed or neutered and then let them roam free. Since feral cats […]
  • Bats

    Even though bats are beneficial to the environment, most people do not want them in their home. Typically found in barns and attics, bats can pose […]
  • Armadillos

    Generally found across South America, armadillos have made their way up to states as north as South Carolina where the climate is warm and humid. While […]
  • Alligators

    Due to the growth of the population and an increase of people living along the water, there is a higher risk of coming into contact with […]