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August 29, 2017
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September 27, 2017
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Mosquitoes Become Major Issue for Hundreds after Irma


If you feel like you’ve seen a lot more mosquitoes out lately, you’re not alone.

After hurricane Irma passed through, mosquito control companies have had a lot more customers.

The rain and flooding from Hurricane Irma brought a lot more mosquitoes to the Charleston area.

The bugs gravitate toward standing water and obviously, there has been a lot of that in the last few weeks.

One mosquito control company said they’ve seen a huge uptick in business, almost double their average. Hurricane Irma is partial to blame, but it doesn’t help that the storm came right around the time temperatures are starting to drop.

We’re entering mosquito season, and the storm just added to the increase we would normally expect to see this time of year.

Mosquito companies say they are working hard to fight the problem. If you are in need of pest management services in Charleston, SC, contact Biotech Pest Management.

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